Thomas Neirynck


I specialize in geographic information systems and information visualization software for the web.


LuciadRIA |

A Javascript developer library for building mapping applications for the web, with a focus on advanced symbology and high performance visualization.

Ponder |

[Under Construction] Exploratory data analysis made easy. Using an unsupervised machine learning algorthim, Ponder lays out multi-dimensional data in 2D, putting similar items close to each other, and separating the dissimilar ones. Use the controls to identify outliers, to detect clusters, and to gain insight in the distribution of the data.

FedSS |

Federated security system for tactical coastal operations. I am the lead on the Information Visualization group. This includes bringing 3D mapping capabilities and military symbology standards to the web (APP6A/B, MS2525b/c). In cooperation with Thales - Netherlands - and Yaltes - Turkey.

Geopackage |

I am the vice-chair of the OGC Geopackage SWG.

RTree2D |

Unsatisfied with the existing crop of Javascript RTree implementations I wrote on myself. The blazingly fast inserts and search operations, and its small memory footprint, helps the user maintain 60fps easily.

Semantic road networks for recommender systems |

Using a self organizing maps to generate a road network connecting artists on a map. By traveling the roads on the map, you can generate a playlist for a user.

Citymaps |

The site has evolved since I left it in 2010, but the functionality is still identical. Comprehensive property search and interactive maps using the .NET framework and ArcGIS.

Infovis Lab Pages |

This is the public front-end of a kind of miniature facebook-for-scientists. Read more about it in this IEEE paper.

Calculingua |

Online statistics, data analysis, and visualization, held up by a MEAN-stack (shut down in June 2015).


Department of Computer Science, KU Leuven | Leuven, Belgium Master in Artificial Intelligence

School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University | Bloomington Indiana Master in Information Science

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Universiteit Gent | Gent, Belgium Licentiate Archaeology


Luciad |Leuven, Belgium Senior Software Engineer (remote), 2014 - Present Software Engineer, August 2010 - 2013

Design and implement geographic data visualization APIs, for the web and JVM.

Manage the development of visualization and UX components for ITEA's FedSS research project.

Contribute to the development of the OGC Geopackage specification.

Calculingua | Louisville, KY Co-founder, 2014 - 2015

A SAAS statistics package for the web. Similar to Matlab or R, but in the browser and on a subscription basis. Easy-to-use, low-cost, that was the goal.

Mongo and Nodejs under the hood, but few paying customers in the back seat. We turned off the service in June 2015.

Division of Technology, City of Philadelphia | Philadelphia, PA GIS Developer, September 2007 - August 2010

Develop GIS applications, for internal departmental use as well as for the general public. Full stack development, primarily with the .NET framework.

Administer GIS software infrastructure for the city. Technical evaluation, QA, and follow-up of related vendor contracts.

Organize city-wide technical training workshops on GIS topics.

39 Degrees North | Bloomington, IN Intern Developer - Part time, May - August 2007

Create ArcGIS extensions for .NET

Center for Cyberinfrastructure and Network Science, Indiana University | Bloomington, IN Assistant - Part time, November 2005 - August 2007

Prepare figures and data. Develop lab management website.


Current HTML, CSS, Javascript, GIS, OGC Standards, Java, 2D graphics

Earlier .NET/C#/ASP, ArcGIS Server/ArcIMS, Oracle SQL, Ruby, Python, F#, nodejs

Earliest Postgres, PHP, Perl/cgi, C++



Graduate school:


Graduate Assistantship | 2005-2007, for study at School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University

Erasmus Scholarship | 2003, for one year study of Roman Archaeology at the University of Burgundy, Dijon